I photograph what calls to me, almost without question. It's a mix of conscious and subconscious. I feel if I ever shoot with an eye towards what the audience would like, then I'm just pandering to external taste before I've even framed something in camera.

My time behind a viewfinder goes to grade school. Although it's been over twenty years since I used an enlarger or held a sheet of Ilford paper in a bath with rubber tongs, I still remember the smell of the chemicals. I've enjoyed time shooting again, using lenses I bought originally for film cameras on a Canon DSLR. I've come back to film again as well, running around with medium format rigs that force me to slow down and try to capture something in one frame.

The analog interest that goes back even further than photography is origami; I've been folding for over 30 years. The models I make provide plenty of subjects for me to shoot and give me an excuse to try out a new lens, light stand, or whatever camera gear I find.